Please Pray for Our Missionaries

Friday and Addele Niovu (Zimbabwe, Africa)

 Samuel L. Rafael (Philippines)

Antonio Herrigue (Brazil)

Kipp and Jeana Rayfield (Brazil)

Chris and Erica Cisler (Uruguay)

James and Julie Siama (Myanmar)

Second Chance Boys Ranch

Olen King (US)

Itinerate Missionary Services

Michael and Kelly Sutphin (US)

Pwissiwe and Kasfui Pitala (Togo, Africa)

Daniel and Lebah Maheri (Kenya, Africa)

Roy and Claudette Pustam (Trinidad)

Carlos and Mixila Cabrera (Panama)

Florida Baptist Childrens Home (US)

Orlando Childrens Church

Peter O' Driscoll (US)

Christian Contractors Association

Scott Jaggers (US)

Samaritans Purse (US)

Wycliff Ministries

David and KC Elliott (US)

Stones True Story (Gods Creation)

Brian and Carla Estell (US)

H.E.L.P. Ministries

Thomas and Barbara Knickerbocker (US)

Dr. Thomas and Linda Beard (Mexico)

Presley and Nicanor Daniels (St. Vincent and The Grenadines)

Geral and Gem John (Guyana)

A.D. Matthews (India)


Bible Education and Missionary Service (US)